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The greatest epidemic danger in the spread of the disease is the blood and sperm of patients.

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In some cases, the risk of infection through the patient's saliva is considered. Attention. Viral hepatitis B is transmitted by contact (foreign toothbrushes, razors), sexual, transplacental (from mother to fetus) and artificial (during transplantation, blood transfusion) routes. There is a high risk of lansoprazole pills when performing piercing, tattooing, tattooing procedures in unlicensed salons. If a woman develops acute HBV in the 3rd trimester of prevacid online, there is the highest possible risk of infection in the fetus. Viral hepatitis B - prevention.

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According to the orders for viral hepatitis, the prevention of the disease includes a careful selection of donors, examination of medical staff, compliance with the rules of individual safety when working with blood, and sanitary and educational work among the population. Individual prevention includes the use of condoms during sexual intercourse, personal hygiene (use of prevacid razor blades, washcloths, brushes). The clinical picture of the infectious process includes preicteric, icteric periods and convalescence. Attention. The preicteric period can last up to five weeks.

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Symptoms of the disease are manifested: weakness, fatigue, lethargy, decreased appetite, bitterness in the mouth, abdominal pain syndrome, stool disorder. There may also be a rash, feverish symptoms, joint pain. Before the onset of jaundice, hepatomegaly, dark urine and light stools are noted. After the appearance of jaundice, the patient's condition deteriorates sharply.

Diagnosis of viral hepatitis B is to perform biochemical tests (levels of alanium aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase), as well as the determination of infection markers. This type of disease includes viral hepatitis with contact routes of infection. Active spread of viral particles is possible only if the patient has hepatitis B. Accession of the delta agent is accompanied by a severe course of the infection and a poor prognosis for recovery.


The main sources of the disease are patients with chronic hepatitis B in combination with D-agents. For reference. Transmission of viral particles is carried out mainly parenterally, that is, through contact with blood.

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Sexual transmission of infection and transplacental infection is also possible. The symptomatology of the disease is similar to the clinical picture of hepatitis B, however, when the delta agent is attached, a severe course of infection is noted. Acute and chronic viral hepatitis C.

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Hepatitis C includes infectious pathologies of prevacid pills, accompanied by contact transmission of the virus and proceeding cyclically, with frequent chronicity of the disease, cirrhotic complications and the formation of hepatocellular carcinomas.

  • The only sources of HCV virus particles are patients with hepatitis C.
  • The transmission of viral particles can be carried out by sexual, transplacental methods, with blood transfusion.
  • The natural level of susceptibility of patients to hepatitis C pathogens is high, but the risks of infection are largely determined by the infectious dosage (the amount of virus that enters the body).
  • Most often (about eighty percent), hepatitis C occurs in anicteric. Acute forms of prevacid are extremely rare. As a rule, during a planned examination of donors.
  • The first symptoms of the disease are asthenovegetative symptoms. Patients are concerned about severe lethargy, weakness, fatigue. As a rule, patients are concerned about dyspeptic disorders.
  • Nausea, vomiting, bloating, dull pains in the abdominal region, stool disorders (constipation or diarrhea), loss of lansoprazole are noted.
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